Sunday, 10 February 2013

recent work: roselovelybones

due to how quiet my blog's been this week, i'd thought i'd nip by just to give you all a quick update on what i've been up to this week and how next week's shaping up for me!

between my time spent this week travelling to and from uni to receive feedback on my work and collaging for hours on end, the lovely emma over at roselovelybones contacted me about illustrating for her, so i leaped at the chance to finally take a break from drawing monkeys and cutting and sticking.

all in all, i'm pretty pleased with how both of these illustrations turned out and was glad to hear that both emma and her boyfriend liked them, too. after emma blogged about my illustrations, i had a mad flow of emails entering my inbox and i now have quite a long list of requests to be getting on with, so i'd just like to take a moment to thank emma for her interest in my work and her support!

in other news, my draft poster seemed to receive positive overall feedback; of course, there are tweaks to be made such as hierarchy decisions and colour choices, but overall my tutors seemed to think my ideas and visuals seemed to work well together, so i'll be making tweaks to the existing poster and (hopefully) finishing my set of three this week!

other than that, i'm just hanging on in there and trying to create the best visuals i can before the deadline arrives and i'm stood up presenting my campaign to my tutors and peers!

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