Thursday, 23 April 2015


 fedora: topshop via depop
sunglasses: primark
dress: boohoo via vinted
belt: primark
necklace: gifted
socks: primark
boots: garage shoes

it's been a little quiet on the outfit front on my blog over the last couple of months because i've been working like a dog for uni, but that working has meant that i'm now in a good position with my workload and actually had the chance this morning to head outside to snap a few pictures for the ol' blog.

when the 70s trend first hit i can't say i was that enthused by it, but the typical fashion brainwashing ensued as it always does and now i'm totally on board (just not with flares i don't think, sorry, fashion!) i was on the lookout for a floaty dress with some flared sleeves, and i found this little number on vinted. the print's a lot louder than it appeared when i decided to purchase it, but i love it nonetheless and think it'll get a lot of wear this summer.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

palmer's | 'dark chocolate & peppermint' lip butter

would you believe me if i told you that this product rescued my lips overnight? because it did! last week i had a bit of a mare with a new lip product that left my lips dry, cracked and sore, but using this for 24 hours sorted them out pretty much instantly. my usual lip balm is a burt's bees one that i use morning and night, but when my lips took a turn for the worse it just wasn't giving them the moisture that they needed, so i headed out to superdrug, picked this up and crossed my fingers that it'd do the job.

from the first application i could feel the difference on my lips; this butter is a very smooth, almost gel like consistency so it didn't drag on my lips as much as the burt's bees lip balm, which relieved and soothed them instantly. the consistency is very lightweight, non-sticky and fast absorbing, so you don't have to worry about any hair sticking to your lips mishaps if you're heading out wearing it like i did for the day. the product tingles ever so slightly as it's applied, and has a very pleasant scent and subtle taste to it (peppermint & dark chocolate, so delicious as you'd imagine.)

i wore this consistently through the day and applied it overnight when my lips most needed it, and they're pretty much back to how they were before the mishap all within 3 days, so it's fair to say i'm really impressed with this product. for now i'm retiring it and have switched back to my burt's bees balm, but it'll be my first thought in the future now when my lips are needing a little bit of extra love.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

sunday synopsis

wow, ok, hi. it's been a while since i've sat down and typed up a sunday synopsis post, and without giving a list of reasons, mainly it's because i just haven't been bothered to when the time's come around, and that's ok. the last time i wrote a sunday synopsis post was on the 9th of march, so it's fair to say a lot's gone on in that time, but i won't drone on mindlessly for no good reason. in that time i've been home for easter, it's been ziggy's 2nd birthday and i've worked like a dog to make sure my final term at uni would run smoothly, and now i'm a week into it i think i can definitely say that my efforts weren't in vain. 

this week i've received great feedback on both my macmillan and self promotion projects which has meant i've been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief, and i've also in an almost spur of the moment fashion applied for my first job role which is definitely terrifying, but it's comforting me to know that i'm now on the ball and making every effort to secure a future for myself that i want. the job is with walker books as a design assistant, and to my knowledge it would be an absolutely perfect start to my career. i spent the entirety of second year convinced i wanted to work freelance after university, but this year as i've broadened my knowledge of and interest in picture books i've realised that a publishing house is probably where i want to be to be further broadening my knowledge and meeting people who share my passions, and i'm crossing my fingers, toes and whatever else that i end up on the path that i desire to be on. time will tell!

in three weeks' time i'll have handed in the last of my university work and will be preparing to give a twenty minute presentation, and then once that's done i'll be working with the rest of my class to prepare our stall for the new blood exhibition in london in july which i really can't wait for. me and josh visited new blood last year to get a feel for what it was about and even as a second year the place was lively and exciting, so i can only imagine that as a fresh graduate eager to make connections it'll be all the more exciting. i'm a bit conflicted with my emotions regarding the future at the moment simply because it's equal parts as exciting as it is terrifying; exciting because we'll finally get to celebrate our achievements after three years of hard work, and terrifying because i really have no idea where i'll be in six months' time.

if all goes well, in six months' time i'll be living in london with josh and going out to work within a publishing house, and if all doesn't, i'll be back at home desperately considering my next move. maybe in six months' time i'll look back at this post and laugh, but as of now the fear is legitimate and all i can do to curb it is to be as proactive in terms of job hunting as i can be, and that's what i'm doing. other than that, maybe it's time to sacrifice some virgins to satan?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

saturday scribbles

just a quick post this morning as i completely forgot to blog yesterday! i thought i'd quickly share a few screen grabs of what i've been up to this week regarding self promo, and now i've got my characters designed i'm onto drawing them up into a bigger scene together but it's taking a bit longer than i originally planned so i'll have to save that for another week...

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

carino | argan oil treatment

 carino argan oil treatment: £2.99

if you read my blog it'll be no secret that i love a good bargain, which is why i always do my food shops at aldi. aldi have what i like to call 'shit aisles' where they sell a variety of 'special buy' products ranging from clothing to dvds, and during one of my more recent food shops i stumbled upon this carino (aldi's own brand, and cruelty free!) argan oil and decided to give it a go for just shy of £3.

the product's multi purpose and can be used on wet or dry hair as a leave in conditioner or an intense hair mask, so from the get go i was preferring it to coconut oil which i find is too heavy to use as a leave in conditioner. i've been using this on dry hair twice a week as an overnight treatment on the lengths and ends of my hair, and every other day of the week as a leave in conditioner again on the lengths and ends of my hair just to add a bit more life and shine to it in between washes. i've found that my hair's been insanely soft and easy to manage since using this, and i even discovered that i can go four days without washing my hair and it still look clean and fresh by teaming this up with some dry shampoo, which is definitely convenient for those days when you just can't be bothered with washing your hair.

you only need a few drops of product to generously coat your hair, so i can see this bottle lasting me quite a while. the only issue with aldi special buys is that they come and go, so i'll be checking out the 'shit aisles' religiously every time i pop in now in an attempt to stock up on a few bottles of this. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i've been working through my initial self promotion ideas and figuring out what i actually want it to be and say about me as a person and an illustrator. my initial theme was cats v. dogs and the 'archetypes' within both of the species, but i was being too obvious about it and so i thought about how i could link these archetypes with gods from greek mythology, but the further the idea developed the less it linked with my original idea and the more jumbled and confusing it became, which kinda detracted from my idea in the first place and rendered the whole theme a little pointless.

in a panic, i ditched this idea completely and just took to my sketchbook documenting my process and woes in a comic-like fashion, and the more i drew, the more i realised that i'd abandoned a theme and was just drawing, so i became less worried about the project overall and i realised that, actually, there could be some visual potential in linking greek gods and dogs without it having to be too elaborate a project.

so now i'm working with a simple theme of 'if dogs were gods' that i think offers me a chance to create some silly characters that i think will show off what i do visually and characteristically without me having to stress too much about it. i'm also working with a limited colour palette which is new for me so we'll see how the project progresses over the next week...

Friday, 3 April 2015

glasses direct | free home trial

since starting my journey into short-sightedness back in 2013, it seems that my loss of vision has become a detriment to my bank balance as well as my eyesight because i just can't help myself trying out new frames whenever the opportunity arises. i saw on facebook that glasses direct offered a free home trial on their frames, and before i knew it i'd picked out four pairs that were on their way to me to try out. much to my delight the frames arrived within 24 hours of me placing the order, and within 3 days i'd placed the order, tried the frames out numerous times and had them safely posted back. so, how did i get on with them?

i was browsing with the intention of trying out some cat eye frames as they're a style i'd never tried before, and first up i settled on london retro's 'eliza' frames. i decided in the end they were a little too secretary (or roz from monsters inc.) for me as they're a little too thin, but it was nice to see how i look in such a different style – pretty grown up, i think?!

second i picked out the scout 'marilyn' frames in purple/black, and they were a cat eye style that i could definitely get on board with. they're a lot larger and less angular than the eliza frames, but they still offered enough of a cat eye for me to get the initial look that i was lusting after. because they're larger i find that they even out my face's features more and look softer and more complimentary against my face, which makes me look a lot more (in my opinion) approachable instead of sour faced secretary.

once i'd exhausted their cat eye frames, i decided to move onto their round frames. i first chose london retro's 'nancy' frames, and although i love them as a pair of glasses, i think they're way too thick for my face and its small features, which further accentuates my pea head; honestly, finding hats that fit my tiny head is a nightmare. lovely glasses, but not for me, unfortunately!

last up i chose london retro's 'fitzrovia' frames which are essentially a thinner framed version of the nancy frames, and i think they suit my small face perfectly. i think they look really professional, dainty and perfectly jessica day, and are essentially exactly what i was looking for when i bought my cheap monday glasses around this time last year.

my final verdict is that all the glasses i tried on were great, and i think that the free home trial that glasses direct offers is fantastic because you can try frames out from the comfort of your home with absolutely zero commitment to buying any of them. of the four pairs i tried out, my favourites are definitely the scout 'marilyn' and london retro 'fitzrovia' frames, but if i were to purchase any of the four it'd definitely be the marilyn frames. if money wasn't an issue i'd splash out on yet another two pairs of glasses, but for the mean time me and a friend are thinking of placing a shared order and splitting the cost because, you know, money doesn't grow on trees (well, not for us, anyway.) all in all, i've been really impressed with the service received and would recommend the free home trials to anybody who's looking for a new pair of affordable glasses.

*i seem a little silly for including this, but i thought it worthwhile to mention that this is not a sponsored post, i was just really happy with the service. i've never received compensation of any sort for any of the posts on my blog, and i honestly can't see that changing – just a heads up in case you were wary!