Thursday, 21 March 2013

something a little different, ft. zoe ldn

today i had a day off from working after spending all day yesterday getting one of my uni projects finished (hurrah for completion!) and went to visit some family with my mum, help her out with the shopping and we ended up going out for a meal spontaneously, too, which was nice. prior to that, i'd been watching a lot of zoe's youtube videos since watching her and lily do one another's make up blindfolded, mainly because i generally find her quite amusing to watch but also because she has such a lovely voice! not something i usually pick out about a person but just go and have a listen and you'll understand. probably. maybe. i don't know, she's just nice to listen to.

anyway, all this watching of zoe's youtube videos made me realise just how vibrant her hair colour is, it stands out from everything, and although i'm not personally a fan of really brightly coloured hair, i couldn't help but feel a bit mesmerised by it because i just couldn't take my eyes off it (mainly because it just wouldn't let me.) all this watching of the mermaid coloured locks inspired me to dig out my watercolours and look at mixing pencil and watercolour to create a contrast similar to zoe's hair and the rest of the (apparently very dull) world.

here was my outcome, it was something a bit different and fun to have a go at and something i might visit again because i think the bright colours against the softness of the pencil works really nicely when trying to create some kind of statement piece that reinforces one part of the image.


  1. Very lovely, I especially like the hair!

  2. I knew it was zoe the moment I saw this pic in my google reader! :D Love her hair <3

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