Thursday, 19 September 2013

a day out to edinburgh

so on tuesday, me and a friend dragged ourselves out of bed at the ungodly hour which is 5am, and set about getting ready for our day ahead in edinburgh. with my friend's strong love for pandas and the fact that edinburgh zoo is home to the only pandas and koalas in the uk (apparently, anyway) we thought it'd be a good day trip for us both, because when else were we ever going to get the chance to see pandas or koalas?!

the zoo wasn't disappointing. due to the time of year, it wasn't crazy busy which means we had the chance to stroll around at our own pace without having to worry about fitting anything in, however arriving so early meant that a few animals hadn't yet gotten out of bed which meant that we missed catching a glimpse of some animals, the big cats in particular. we weren't disappointed though as we got to spend plenty of time cooing over the koalas, and after a very long hour wait, the female giant panda (who is currently pregnant, eek!) finally made her way out of her cosy den and came to give us all a glimpse - it would've been very disappointing to have travelled all the way to edinburgh to have not seen a panda!

on our way to the zoo we travelled down edinburgh's princes street, and after laying eyes on what looked like huge h&ms, a primark, boots and lush, we decided it was essential to have a quick shop before we headed back for our train at 6.30pm (very long day!) i was pretty well behaved when shopping and bought a couple of bedroom 'essentials', along with a denim dress i just couldn't leave as i'd not yet seen it in middlesbrough's primark, and a no.7 skin mask which i've only used once and already want to sing the praises of. i did take my camera along with me for the day with the intention of taking lots of pictures of what we'd gotten up to, however i always find that i spend the time actually enjoying the moment rather than trying to photograph it... it seems i can never manage to do both!

all in all, i really enjoyed our visit to edinburgh; the city is beautiful, the people were friendly and were definitely not in a rush. the place in general reminded me a bit of london, however i found it much easier to relax and enjoy myself there as it wasn't as hectic and aggressive as london has been when i've visited previously! already i'm excited to visit again and explore the city properly, i just now need to find a reason to revisit...

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