Saturday, 14 September 2013

a fresh start...

blouse: charity shop
necklace: robynmakesthings
shoes: primark 
belt: asos

as a person who's interested in fashion and reads plenty of fashion/personal style blogs, there's always been a part of me that's been itching to join the 'fbloggers' community and share my personal style with the rest of the internet, but the fact that i used my blog as a platform to showcase my work online always put me off doing so. however, since creating an account with cargo and creating an online portfolio to display what i think is my best work from the previous year (which you can view here if you're interested in doing so,) i felt that i could now finally make the transition and make my blog a little more personal, so i bit the bullet and bought a tripod!

new blog content will probably mostly feature outfits posts like today's, the occasional beauty related post (if there's something i just have to share my two cents about and feel as though i possess enough knowledge to talk about it properly) and, of course, my illustration work when it arises. hopefully i'll still have plenty to share with you on the design/illustration front as i'm banking on there being a huge workload this year, so if you're following me solely for my design/illustration, don't fear, i won't be leaving my work behind!

so, onto today's outfit. as well all know, summer has well and truly departed, something i'm really not very happy about, but life goes on! i recently purchased this dress from asos because i think it's a key wardrobe piece that can be worn all throughout the year with a little bit of work. where it would look great in the summer worn alone with a pair of chunky sandals, it can also be layered up with blouses, leather jackets and blazers to make it suitable for the colder weather, provided you also wear a good pair of boots! the shoes are also a recent favourite purchase of mine. i'd been eyeing up t-bar shoes on ebay (dr. martens in particular) and just couldn't justify another £20+ on more shoes, so when i saw these in primark for just £12 i had to have them, what a bargain!

i apologise that the quality of the photos isn't brilliant, however a new camera is simply something i cannot afford when i only really use it for hobby purposes! additionally, i'm always on the search for new personal style blogs to follow, so if you run your own or have any you'd recommend i check out, please leave links for me in a comment below!


  1. Well, I think that outfit looks great on you. And it doesnt really matter what camera you use because what really matter is how you take the photograph. Hihi hope to see more stuff from you!

    1. thank you very much! it's lovely to hear positive feedback :)