Wednesday, 30 October 2013

charity shop treasures

shirt: charity shop
pinafore: handmade
belt: charity shop
necklace: robynmakesthings
shoes: vintage shop

back in march this year i found a typical 'grandma' skirt in a charity shop, and although the cut of it definitely wasn't for me, i loved the colours of the tartan so much that i decided to buy it and see how i could recycle it, and this pinny was the result. although recycling clothes is somewhat time consuming, i find it really rewarding because at the end of it you've got a piece of clothing that nobody else has, so there's absolutely no fear of turning up to uni in it and having that awkward moment where you and somebody else have chosen to wear the same piece of clothing.

charity shops are definite favourites of mine to look in when i have a clear idea of something that i'm looking for and either can't find it online/in stores, or just don't want to pay the price tag for it elsewhere. i love stumbling upon little gems that become wardrobe staples (like the shirt i'm wearing here,) and i love even more the fact that you can pick most things up for under a fiver, which is perfect for someone who is as tight with their money as i am!

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