Friday, 1 November 2013

the goblin king

halloween's over and now we're on the run up to christmas, but i thought i'd hang onto the make up and costumes for just a day longer and share with you all my costume from last night. i'd quite literally been looking forward to dressing up as this character for months after watching the labyrinth back in april and deciding the goblin king would make a perfect halloween costume, so when the day finally arrived i was probably a little too eager to throw together some of the more ugly pieces in my wardrobe and attack my face with the entire contents of my makeup bag.

after creating such a fabulous look, i've decided that a) the goblin king had a pretty dedicated makeup artist, and b) the fact that i managed to throw his outfit together using existing pieces of my own wardrobe must either make me totally fabulous, or completely ridiculous; i can't quite decide.

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