Friday, 20 December 2013

pixi | large lash mascara



my benefit they're real mascara has been on its last legs for a while now, and although i really like it, unfortunately benefit sell in china which means they test their products on animals, which means i'll no longer be throwing my money in their direction anymore.

while browsing the asos website yesterday, i stumbled across a makeup brand called 'pixi'. i remembered seeing a product by the same brand reviewed on a blog before, so i figured i'd do a little bit of research and was delighted to find out that pixi are a cruelty free brand, and so took advantage of my 10% student discount and asos next day delivery.

this 'review' is perhaps a little hasty - i highlight review because it's more of a first impressions post - seeing as i've only used the product once so far, but i was incredibly impressed with the results and just had to throw my two cents out there into the blogosphere. i'm not a total beauty blog trawler so i could be missing out obvious blogs that i just don't follow, but i've never seen this product reviewed before, and can only ever recall seeing one review on the brand pixi in general.

on first impressions i was a bit dubious due to the brush shape - it's very similar to the rimmel scandaleyes brush and that is, hands down, the most useless mascara i've ever used - but i pressed on anyway and was delighted to find that the mascara did everything that benefit's they're real did, minus the gloopy mess that i find you get with they're real which means it's easy to end up with blobs of mascara on your eyelid if you're not careful. the only difference between the two mascaras is that pixi's large lash doesn't leave your lashes feeling as full and gives a more subtle look - still extremely striking, though! i think this mascara's perfect for the daytime for achieving lash definition and length, and with an extra coat applied it'd provide just the right amount of volume for more of an evening look. i'd babble on, but i'm pretty sure the pictures can do the rest of the talking!

overall, i'm very impressed with this mascara and would more than happily pay the money again to repurchase it. have you ever tried any pixi products?

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  1. Your eyelashes look amazing! I haven't seen any other reviews on this either, but it does seem like a really good product. I haven't tried the benefit they're real, but if this one is similar but without glooping, I would definitely go for this one!