Saturday, 7 December 2013

sounds so twee / ootd + video

jacket: river island
top: primark
trousers: charity shop
belt: primark
shoes: internacionale

hello everybody! i've neglected my blog a little over the last week due to the deadline madness that's taken over my life recently regarding university projects, however i'm back again this saturday with an outfit of the day and a little video i threw together for it! i edited the video back in november but never actually got around to publishing it, so please do excuse the fact that the video states it's a november ootd! i think i'm going to go back to publishing ootd posts once a week because i just no longer have the time to be taking enough outfit photos to warrant posting twice a week, so i send my apologies for that - who knows, maybe it'll make way for more illustration work? we'll see! hopefully i'll have lots to show you over the next couple of weeks anyway!

to quickly summarise, i picked these trousers up from a charity shop for a measly £1.50! i've always been a little bit in love with tweed, namely blazers, so i absolutely couldn't leave these in the charity shop despite the fact that they were a size 16 and required a little (lot) of d.i.y before they were at all wearable. i think i did a pretty good job of it in the end and i think the end result is pretty flattering - not bad for £1.50! have you recently picked up any charity shop bargains?

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  1. that jacket is pretty amazing :)