Monday, 16 December 2013

the sunshine award

a couple of weeks ago i was nominated by lauren to take part in something called the sunshine award where bloggers come together to share a little bit about themselves, so here's the deal!

rules of sunshine award
  1. write 11 facts about yourself
  2. answer the 11 questions
  3. write your 11 questions
  4. nominate 11 other bloggers
  5. mention the person who nominated you
11 facts
  1. before moving to england, i lived in germany and ireland.
  2. growing up, i wanted to be a vet or marine biologist.
  3. nowadays i aspire to be a children's book illustrator.
  4. i drive a green vw lupo and talk to her like she's human...
  5. i'm a perfectionist and can't decide whether it's beneficial or harmful.
  6. i buy lipstick and shoes in abundance.
  7. not much makes me happier than puppies. i love puppies.
  8. i'm not fluent in any language other than english, but i really want to learn german.
  9. my bucket list consists of one thing: to visit the costa rica sloth sanctuary.
  10. about a boy is my favourite film, which tends to baffle many people, which then baffles me!
  11. i'm visiting new york next year with university and i can't wait.

my answers
  1. why did you start blogging?
    i initially started blogging as a way of talking about my illustration and design work, however i soon found out that i love babbling on about clothes/beauty and so naturally started to talk about those things more on my blog.
  2. if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
    a wetherspoons chicken burger meal - less than a fiver and delicious, can't go wrong!

  3. what is your favourite item to wear in your room? (includes: clothes, jewellery and make up)
    a good pair of chunky heels, my bowler hat and red lippy are among my favourites.
  4. the most recent film you watched and what did you think of it?
    the last film i watched that i'd previously seen was love actually (which is a fantastic film,) and the last film i watched that i hadn't previously seen was insidious 2 which definitely held my attention for the full film. slightly confusing in parts, though. 
  5. if you had one wish what would you wish for?
    to graduate university with a good grade and walk out into the big wide world knowing that my work was going to take me places.
  6. it's almost 2014, what's been your highlight of 2013?
    when i visited my dad in germany and got to see a real sloth for the first time in my life - it took all i had to not break down into tears of happiness in the middle of the zoo!
  7. you are only allowed to watch tv or listen to music for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
    probably music - i listen to music all day long when i'm sat working, and my workload means i generally don't have much spare time to actually watch tele, haha.
  8. what was the first gig/concert you went to?
    my first ever concert was to see robbie williams with my mum, however my first concert that i chose to attend was busted back in 2004 - it's still hard to believe that it was almost 10 years ago!
  9. what is your dream job?
    to draw bunnies, dragons, mermaids and other various fantastic creatures day in, day out and actually be able to pay my bills through doing so. if that's not at all possible, i'd happily dedicate my life to volunteering at the costa rica sloth sanctuary...
  10. any weird or hidden talents?
    not that i'm aware of, drawing's all i do!
  11. the most awarding thing you've experienced through blogging?
    i've had a few bloggers ask to feature my work on their own blogs which always feels great - it's nice to know that my work's making people smile!

my questions
  1. if you could be any animal, what would you be? 
  2. you've just won the lottery, what's the first thing you do? 
  3. what's your biggest goal in life? 
  4. the age old question: are you a cat or dog person?
  5. who's your favourite blogger?
  6. if you could swap lives with somebody for the day, who would it be?
  7. do you have any phobias?
  8. what are your views on cosmetic animal testing?
  9. what do you do in your spare time? 
  10. who or what inspires you?
  11. how do people you know in real life react when you tell them about your blog? 
my nominees
  1. josh
  2. alice
  3. hayley
  4. naomi
  5. ashley
  6. katie
  7. lauren
  8. katie
  9. dulcie
  10. emma
  11. alice

my nominator

i was nominated by lauren who blogs over at ohhayblogs about her design work and inspiration, so go check her out of that sounds like it's up your street! thank you for nominating me, lauren, and i hope you've all enjoyed finding out a little bit about me that you may not have previously known!

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