Monday, 31 March 2014

the furry friend tag: ziggy

i saw hayley post this tag the day i arrived in new york, telling us all about her lovely chocolate labrador, sam, and i knew instantly that i wanted to bookmark her blog post for a later time where i could sit down and indulge myself in all the questions. i don't often mention ziggy, my miniature poodle, on my blog, however if you follow me on twitter or instagram i'm frequently posting about her whenever i happen to be home for a short while. i'll not ramble on any more, so let's begin!

What is your pet's name?
she's called ziggy.

When did you get ziggy?
we got her in may last year, she'll be a year old this coming thursday!

What is something that ziggy does that annoys you?
when meeting other people and dogs, ziggy gets really over excited, resulting in her tugging on her lead, whining and jumping around desperately begging for us to go over to the other people, regardless of whether they're interested or not - often a little embarrassing when the only way to calm her down is to let her go over for a sniff!

What type of breed is ziggy?
ziggy's a miniature poodle.

Has ziggy ever had a near death experience?
not a near death experience, but last summer when she was still little and mischievous, she got out of the front door behind me unexpectedly and bolted out of our cul-de-sac and headed for a main road. luckily for me there was an old man walking his dog at the time, so instead of running out into the road, she stopped at him and his dog to say hello instead, and thank god she did - i'd never been so terrified about her safety before!

Does ziggy know any tricks?
she can do the typical sit, paw, lie down, stay etc., and she also jumps on command, making her look something of a little circus dog. she also does a kind of growl thing which sounds like she's saying 'horror', so my mum's working on getting her to do that when asked what her favourite film genre is... yeah, i know.

Does ziggy like to snuggle?
she likes to snuggle of her own accord. plonk her on your lap because you fancy cuddles and she'll no doubt get up and trot off, however if you're comfortably perched on your laptop or with a book, she'll scoot up in between you and whatever you're doing and make herself comfortable. it's hard to turn her away though.

Where did you get ziggy?
because i'm allergic to most dog hair, we were deliberately after a poodle because they're hypo-allergenic, and so i'd been trawling around online to see if i could find any puppies nearby. we found some at a farm nearby, so we headed out the same day and picked her up!

Does ziggy get along with other dogs?
ziggy loves other dogs! the problem is often that other dogs aren't particularly interested in her, haha.

Does ziggy get along with strangers?
ziggy will get along with anyone. cat, dog, human, bird, and no doubt aliens, i imagine.

How much does she weigh?
i'm not too sure, my mum reckons around 5kg though! dainty little thing she is.

Do you ever dress ziggy up?
i don't ever dress ziggy up, however my mum's bought her a coat that's apparently supposed to help calm her in social situations. thus far, i'm yet to see it having any positive effects.

Has ziggy ever tried to run away?
to the nearest source of life, yes. a swift call of 'biscuits' generally brings her back though.

How did you come up with her name?
when thinking of names, my mum suggested the name 'bowie' sarcastically because we'd been discussing david bowie for whatever reason, and after observing her cheekiness and energy, i thought perhaps ziggy would be a suitable name. everyone seemed to like it, and little ziggy stardust was named!

On a scale of 1-10 how much does ziggy mean to you?
you know, i always wondered how anyone managed to muster up so much love for a child, however if it's anything like owning a dog, then i now totally get it. it honestly doesn't surprise me that people with dogs statistically live longer than those who don't because ziggy always provides you with so much love, companionship, entertainment and company to unwind with at the end of every day. life is so drastically different now with ziggy in the house, and it makes me wonder why it took us so long to get another dog after our first dog, gus, passed away back in 2004. ziggy means the absolute world to me, and it truly does excite me to come home from uni to her loveable little face after having missed her tremendously for a month or two. ziggy is my baby, i suppose, and man do i love her.

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