Friday, 11 April 2014

baby pink

coat: charity shop
top: charity shop
skirt: select
satchel: primark
boots: missguided

while on the subject of babies, say hello to ole' chubby cheeks and baby face! a couple of things i'll forever be cursed with, sigh. while out shopping on tuesday i decided to do a crawl of all my local charity shops, and completely unintentionally i stumbled upon this lovely pink coat. for a while now i've been admiring how you lovely bloggers style your pink coats, but due to them costing £40+ and the fact that i may only end up wearing it a handful of times, i had no intention of picking one up for myself. that all changed however when i saw the price tag of £5 on this coat, and so i decided to snap it up while i could because for a fiver it didn't matter if i only wore it a handful of times!

i also decided to have a snoop around my local select, and once again it pleasantly surprised me and i took home this check design skirt for a mere £6. i'd tried a similar one on in primark with bigger checks on it, but it felt and looked a little cheap so i decided to leave it, and what a good decision that turned out to be! even at £6, the fabric is fairly thick and somewhat velvety and is well worth the price tag. you've impressed me again, select!

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