Saturday, 31 May 2014

saturday scribbles

the majority of my doodling this week took place earlier in the week as towards the end i started to become busy with the exhibition and general end-of-year-fun, so if you've already spied these on my instagram i do apologise!

this week my focus has been on further developing my dogs using the medium of coloured pencil as i've found that me and watercolour no longer get along due to my sheer impatience. i seem to work my best when it's honest, a bit gutsy and raw, so i'm trying to loosen up when doodling in the hope that i'll be able to start working in a way that screams "wow, my five year old could do that!" when in actual fact, your five year old could not do that, ya know? while doodling, i've also been working my way through a zine idea, so throughout the summer hopefully i'll be able to turn that into something tangible to keep me busy and hopefully add to my portfolio!


  1. I absolutely love your illustrations :) Whenever I see them on instagram it makes me wish I could do it!

  2. I love everything you create! And I love your irrelevant tangents on twitter! Where do you get your inspiration from? Because I love Gemma Correl. Also would you recommend any creative books either for illustrations/animations/photography? X

    1. oh wow, thanks so much! gemma correll's a firm fave of mine too :) as for staying inspired, i'm always keeping up with other illustrators via social media and that helps to keep me creating, i also try to just make the most of everyday situations and look at things from a different or humorous point of view and try and pick characters out of day to day life that i can create some kind of narrative around - just working with what's around me, i suppose!

      as for book recommendations, i recently read 'share your work' by austin kleon and found that a thoroughly enjoyable and helpful read, i also really enjoyed reading 'hand job: a catalogue of type' by michael perry and 'sometimes i think, sometimes i am' by sara fanelli.

      hope that was helpful for you, and thank you once again! x