Wednesday, 28 May 2014

this or that: lip exfoliators

as far as lip exfoliators go, i can't say i'm all that clued up; to my knowledge, there are three popular options: the well loved lush lip scrubs, the e.l.f. lip exfoliator and a body shop lip exfoliator, and of the three i've mentioned, i've only ever branched out enough to try two of them. that being said, i'm thinking perhaps the apparent lack of options available on the high street is due to the success of the limited options available to us all; why fix something if it ain't broken, eh?

i first purchased the the e.l.f. lip exfoliator around this time last year, it being the first i'd ever tried, and from then i haven't looked back. it's one of those items that quickly found its way into my daily routine and got me wondering how the hell i'd ever gone about my normal makeup routine without it by my side, so it came as no surprise to me when i purchased another within the year. then, as the makeup junkie within me took over, i decided to pick up a lush lip scrub on a whim on boxing day to try out, and since then i've been using both products intermittently to keep my lips in top form.

i find it hard to actually pick a favourite of the two items; the e.l.f. product is compact, somewhat easier to transport and definitely less messy than the lush product, but i still find myself reaching for the lush option because it smells and tastes delicious, provides a thorough scrub of your lips and seems to last a lifetime. the e.l.f. product isn't unpleasant in taste or smell, but the cocoa taste can often be a little overpowering, and sometimes the lipstick-like formula of the product can be a little bit too abrasive on lips that only need a little bit of a scrub.

for the above reasons, i keep one of each product within my makeup bag at any one time, using the e.l.f. product occasionally when my lips are in dire need of saving, and using the lush product on a pretty much daily basis when my lips just need to be perfected a little before applying my lipstick. both products are fantastic value for money, having lasted me now for 5+ months and not even being half used, so once again i'm finding it hard to say for sure that you should buy one item over the other. i suppose in terms of availability, the lush option might be easier to get a hold of as it's a) available on the high street, and b) the lip exfoliator is an e.l.f. favourite (meaning it frequently sells out online so you can often be waiting weeks before you can even place an order for one!), so if you're looking for convenience, opt for lush. if time isn't an issue, give e.l.f. a go and save a couple of quid, but all in all, you'll be receiving a fantastic product whichever you opt for.

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