Saturday, 5 July 2014

saturday scribbles

please mind the terrible lighting, silly me left it til 10pm to pull my camera out and snap my doodles from the previous week. these are all from various points over the last seven days, and mainly i've just been focussing on doodling anything and everything that comes to mind, simply because i must draw more. my trip to london has taught me that i'm terrible at observational drawing, also i'm terrible at drawing people, so they're kind of at the top of my list of 'things to work on this summer', however i have a feeling other things will keep knocking them down places as i had a moment of brief inspiration in london that i now want to try and work through this week, and, to tell you a secret, it doesn't involve any people... oops.


  1. Your illustration style is so cute!! I'm trying to draw more too especially from observation... People aren't my strong point either!

    Amy x
    The Creative Outlook