Thursday, 7 August 2014

appreciating happiness in times of sadness

lately I've been feeling a bit bummed out. not for any particular reason, more of just an overall feeling I've had over the last couple of months which just seems to have grown and grown and become what it is now. a couple of factors contributing to my discontented state are, I imagine, financial woes, worries for the future, and the fact that I'm not particularly flourishing creatively at the moment which would be useful at the moment considering my progression into my third year of university this coming September.

this overwhelming feeling of sadness I've been living with lately has really made me think about how good things have been for me recently, and actually, how things are still pretty good at the moment, too. since my last bout of sadness last September/October, i've pretty much been on cloud nine; I've achieved goals I've set, grown as a person, and generally have just become a more whole, happier human being, and it's not until now where I've been knocked down a few pegs that I've taken any time to acknowledge my sheer happiness over the last 10 months or so. 

like I said, it's not that things are bad for me at the moment, there are just a few things going on at the moment which are less than ideal, and after having spent so long worry free, it's become something of a burden. of course experiencing a wide range of emotions is perfectly normal, healthy and important for us as humans as, like I've said, we don't really appreciate good until we've experienced bad, so I thought I'd pop by to share a few things that I find make life worth living because, to me, they're such fantastic sources of happiness. 

#1: sloths 
well, what else were you expecting? sloths make me feel like no other creature does, and while I don't fully understand it myself, I'm truly grateful for their silly little faces and mid travel butt scratches. 

#2: ziggy
getting ziggy was the best thing my family have done for a while, honestly. she's such a fantastic little companion and so full of personality and never fails to put a smile on my face. 

#3: picture books
32 pages of stunning illustrations and a concise, thoughtful story always helps to entertain, inspire and enlighten me. 

#4: long dog walks in the sun
a chance to get out of the house, clear my mind and watch ziggy running around so happily for an hour always leaves me feeling oddly refreshed and humbled. 

#5: my mum
I don't often mention my mum, but I appreciate her more than words can express. over the last couple of years our relationship seems to have strengthened and time spent with her I find is always thoroughly enjoyable. 

there are plenty more sources of happiness I could note down, but I find that I find a kind of solace in the things listed above, and feeling content, appreciative and at peace with myself is something I've grown to value hugely, so whatever little things can help me to achieve that balance, I'm more than grateful for. 

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