Wednesday, 20 August 2014

b. | exfoliating cleanser

when i first squeezed this product out of the tube, i must admit i wasn't particularly looking forward to using it; it has something of a smooth, milky consistency with tiny exfoliating beads through it, so after having used my somewhat harsh lush dark angels cleanser for such a long time, i wasn't expecting this cleanser to do all that much for my skin, but boy, was i wrong.

i've been using this cleanser now for around two months, and while it's quite a dramatic change from dark angels, my skin certainly hasn't suffered because of it and behaves pretty much the same as it did before its entrance into my skincare routine, however i think i just might prefer this cleansing option. while dark angels was fairly abrasive and smelt fantastic, it did leave something of a mess in the sink and i'm not a huge fan of the lush tub packaging; it's just a bit of a faff, isn't it? this b cleanser on the other hand is easy to squeeze out and shove back onto your shelf and doesn't leave your sink looking grim, but it doesn't have the aniseed scent that i love so dearly about dark angels. instead, it smells somewhat clinical like a lot of high street moisturisers do, if you have any idea what i mean.

while i thought that the less abrasive texture of this cleanser would put me off it, i've actually quite been enjoying a less abrasive cleanse, especially when it offers the exact same benefits that dark angels did. with this product having a mostly milky consistency with a very gentle exfoliating quality, it means that i can really go to town with scrubbing deep into my pores without doing more harm than good, which is fantastic for me because i love to rub all around my face, particularly my chin, in small circular motions to really try and draw those nasty blackheads out. when washed off, my face then feels really smooth, fresh and plump without feeling tight and dehydrated.

if i were to stand this product off against dark angels, i think this would probably win. it's better value for money (and even more so when there's a 50% off offer on!) and i'm expecting it to last much longer than dark angels (those pesky short use by dates!) so for a product that does just as good a job as dark angels for a more budget friendly price, i think there's one clear winner. the next time i pop into superdrug and catch these at half price, i'll definitely be stocking up!

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