Saturday, 16 August 2014

saturday scribbles

firstly, i'd like to apologise for neglecting to post a saturday scribbles last week, and secondly i'll hold my hands up and say that this week i've been bloody busy, and in turn i've not really scribbled all that much, ever so sorry! 

what i have been doing however is getting stuck into a commission that i received at the beginning of the summer and still haven't gotten around to finishing because i'm terribly unorganised, unmotivated, lazy and sloppy and i need to sort my creative life out. sigh. i intend to create an action plan for the next two or three weeks before i head back to uni to finish off outstanding work, do some work i intended to do for myself, and finally start my dissertation draft ready for when i officially become a third year. i've no doubt it'll be tough on me, but i feel it's really necessary if i want to begin another year of hard work in the right mindset; i've learnt the hard way that i work my best under the pressure of deadlines, regardless of how horribly hectic it makes your life at the time!

so, rambling aside, here are a few snippets of what i'm currently working on. i've been commissioned by a lovely blogger who i've worked with in the past to create a new blog header, button and youtube banner, and while it's a lot different to my usual work of dogs and sloths, but i've found it oddly satisfying to be drawing makeup products, regardless of how bad at it i actually am.  


  1. I have to do my dissertation draft as well.. ugh! Love your drawings, you're very talented!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. These are brilliant, You are so very talented! Hated doing my dissertation I was so stressed out I hope it all goes OK for you though :)

    Em x
    The Design Disciple
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  3. You wouldn't even want to see my drawing attempts! Keep it up. They look great

  4. Your drawings are so cute! xx