Saturday, 30 August 2014

saturday scribbles

this week it was my uni housemate's birthday, so as she's an elephant enthusiast i decided to doodle her up and elephant birthday card, and she seemed to be pretty happy with the results which in turn pleased me because i spent a whole day drawing and redrawing, designing and redesigning it because i just couldn't get it to look right! in the end i was pretty happy with the colour scheme and the typography, but think there's definitely room to work on my elephants *adds to list of things to draw relentlessly*

as you may or may not have seen, earlier this week i also gave my blog, twitter, tumblr and portfolio a bit of a facelift in an attempt to bring all the platforms together in harmony, and after having it up for almost a week, i've decided that i don't actually hate the design, but just needed a while to get used to such a major change; again, the colour scheme is what i'm most pleased with, which is bizarre because colour schemes are normally something i just can't get right!

if you follow my instagram, you'll also notice that i've pulled my paints back out and have been doodling up some doggies, and this coming week i hope to further develop those so i can finally pull together the dogs a - z that i set out to do at the beginning of the summer! and speaking of doggies, i've got some clay magnet commissions to work my way through – yippee! don't forget i'm available to take commissions, so if there's anything you'd like, do feel free to drop me an email :) i've also had a couple more ideas for clay jewellery i'd like to have a go at making, so i'm hoping to get around to having a go at those ideas, too. 


  1. I really love this card you did it's so cute! You should make more designs for cards. I'm really loving the new blog design too! Very suiting for you. I think I've said this before- but you should make a zine of the A-Z dogs! I'd love to see some woodland clay animals too! Be super cute. Have you made yourself a sloth one yet?
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. thanks lauren! i'm not too sure where the a - z of dogs is going, but it's something i've wanted to tackle for a while nevertheless – we'll see where it ends up! i'll bare woodland clay creatures in mind and see what i can do, also yep i have a sloth necklace and brooch now heh :)