Monday, 25 August 2014

the cold shoulder

hat: h&m
chokers: lilac edge
dress: primark
faux leather gilet: primark
belt: asos
t-bar dr martens: ebay

i've dabbled in the cold shoulder dress a few times in the past, however it's never seemed to be a style i could get on with. when i laid eyes on this dress in primark, i knew i had to at least give it a go as it was up for grabs for a measly £8, and surprisingly it sat nicely on my shoulders rather than hanging too low and gaping like previous dresses had done. 

now i don't know if it's the intended length or because i'm a midget, but without a belt this dress sits just above the knee as more of a midi dress, so i decided to belt up and hitch the material up a little for a more flattering fit for my 5'2 self, and i think it looks pretty decent. teamed with my faux leather gilet (that i haven't taken off this summer) and t-bar docs, i think the tie dye and nude colours of the dress work really well with the block blacks of the gilet, shoes and hat. i think the dress itself is pretty versatile in that it could be worn more casually as i chose to this time, or dressed up a little more with some chunky heels and silver accessories. for £8, i think it was a decent little find!


  1. really lovely outfit! love the hat - makes the outfit look really edgy and cool

  2. I can't believe that dress was only £8!! I reaaalllyyy need to start shopping in Primark more...

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