Thursday, 13 November 2014

all layered up

necklaces: gothikkka & topshop (old)
jumper: depop
shirt: charity shop
skirt: new look (old)
boots: primark (old)

sometimes blogger acts like a total bitch, and today is one of those days as it seems to not be able to handle uploading images properly, meaning i'm left with darkened, slightly pixelated pictures which isn't cool by anybody's standards, right? come on, blogger, pull it together!

how cute is my little hand necklace?! me and my friend jenny got together over the summer to have a play around with clay and tiny hands were amongst the things she created, so when she asked if i'd like a tiny hand necklace i wasn't going to turn it down! i find the little pop of teal that it brings to my outfit helps to make it a little less drab (even though i'm super comfy and warm right now, and that's key, right?)