Wednesday, 21 January 2015

lush | a well deserved bubble bath

since my assessment last tuesday i'd been promising myself a well deserved indulgent bath with some of the lush products i'd bought recently, however i didn't end up getting around to it until the sunday just passed, which actually worked out perfectly in the end after spending the entirety of friday and saturday and then the morning of sunday feeling pretty ill. i don't tend to get ill all that often, so when illness does strike i end up acting really self pitying and pathetic (lame, i know,) so to give myself an hour to run a bath, have a soak and unwind was the perfect pick me up that i needed to pull me out out of my state of self pity. 

i picked up the bubble bar over christmas, and after using it once on its own i was a little underwhelmed, so i decided i was going to team it with a bath bomb for my next lush bath, and space girl was my bath bomb of choice after being taken in by its subtle shimmer and its delicious scent that reminded me somewhat of parma violets (ie, my favourite sweets ever.) the combination of the bubble bar and bath bomb meant that my water ended up a fantastic magenta colour while providing my skin with a well needed silky, moisturising, nourishing rinse. i did find that the bubble bar left a bit of residue on my skin, but nothing too uncomfortable, and i'm definitely looking forward to the next time i decide to indulge in lush and pick up some more bath bombs to give a try. lush baths, you've won me over.

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