Saturday, 3 January 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i've been desperately trying to pull all my unfinished briefs together, including my alice in wonderland and my nhs work. after a few unsuccessful attempts at a book cover for alice, i think i finally cracked it and pulled a design together which is largely typographic, simply because i thought it'd be a nice touch to have some hand lettering alongside the two inner illustrations which don't leave room for any type whatsoever. i think i'm almost there now with my alice work as a whole, and after a bit of feedback and a few tweaks, i think i'll be pretty happy with them. it's been a bit of a slog developing the illustrations, but if i end up happy with the end results it'll all have been worth it; i just have to hope now that the tutors are on the same page as me on monday with thinking that they're almost there!

i've spoken briefly about my nhs project before on my blog, however i've neglected to show any visuals because nothing was really all that solid up until around a week or so ago. above i've decided to share a few app screens that i've thrown together for assessment purposes simply because we need visuals to present our ideas, however i don't think the project is anywhere near completion. for my live projects and competitions module i need to have work handed in by the 13th january, but because the brief is a live one i'll have time afterwards to get feedback from the client and further develop the idea and the visuals from there, which suits me just fine at the moment because i don't particularly have a lot of time right now! now me and my classmate that i'm working with have a clearer image of our idea and a working theme to go with, i think it could potentially becoming a little bit more interesting, but i'm just going to wait and see where it goes over the next few weeks. 

tomorrow i plan on finally getting around to redrafting my entry for the puffin design award, which is a book jacket for carrie's war. i've already roughed out the design i think i'm going to go with, so it's simply a case of getting my head down and getting on with the illustrating. i say that now, but i always find that book covers are a pain to design; if i've learnt anything throughout my first term of third year, it's that designing and illustrating book covers is much, much harder than it appears.


  1. Your illustrations are sweet, I love your style. Ahhhh and I really like the alice in wonderland stuff, it's so different and cute! xx

    1. thank you amy!! means the world :) X