Wednesday, 11 March 2015

makeup revolution | £1 lipsticks

make up revolution amazing lipstick & vamp collection lipsticks: £1
left to right: rebel with cause, fusion, 100% vamp 

left to right: rebel with cause, fusion, 100% vamp

if you know me, you'll know that i'm a sucker for buying lipsticks completely on a whim, so £1 lipsticks that don't hurt the bank balance are right up my street. after purchasing a makeup revolution lipstick last summer and being impressed with it ever since, i thought i'd turn to them once again in the hopes of finding some purse-friendly vampy shades.

rebel with cause

i owned a lipstick in a similar shade to this a couple of years ago, however i passed it on after realising that it wasn't cruelty free, so this £1 substitute was perfect. of the three shades i ordered this was the colour that i was least excited about, however it's turned out to be my favourite of the three. i'd describe it as a deep fuchsia colour and it just looks so bold and lovely and is a colour i've been reaching for a lot lately. as you'd expect, wear time isn't fantastic so it needs topping up fairly frequently, but for a quid you can't complain!


after looking at the bullets this was the shade i was most excited about, however it's turned out to be the most underwhelming of the three shades. touted as a matte lipstick that looks a lovely burgundy colour in the bullet, i was really hoping that this lipstick would become my new vamp shade of choice, but i couldn't have been more wrong. as you can see from the swatch and on my lips, the colour is extremely light and translucent, and is the strangest 'matte' lipstick i've ever tried before. in my experience, matte lipsticks are usually fairly dry and chalky, but this is somewhat glossy and actually reminds me of soap & glory's gloss stick in raplumzel in both consistency and colour. all that said, while the lipstick wasn't what i was expecting, it's certainly not unpleasant and i imagine it'll get worn every now and again for more natural makeup looks. 

100% vamp

i already have a sleek lipstick that is practically the same as this shade, but for a pound i thought it was worth giving makeup revolution's offering a try anyway. in comparison to sleek's 'mulberry' this is much more moisturising on the lips and doesn't drag as much when applied, making it easier to blend out. because the colour is so dark i find that it applies best on my lips when blended over the top of a lip balm or the colour is a little too intense and leaves that dodgy inner lip line as pictured above. while i definitely didn't need this lipstick, another vampy shade never hurt anybody, right? 

all in all, i'm pretty content with my purchases. i think that if the shade 'fusion' had been as pigmented as i'd have liked it to have been i'd have come out of this experience once again singing makeup revolution's praises, so it can't all be bad. i wasn't expecting fantastic lipsticks for a pound each, and for that price i'd probably still happily pick up more of their lipsticks in the future. so if you're on a budget and don't have fantastically high expectations, i'd recommend giving makeup revolution's lipstick selection a go. 


  1. I've got quite a few of their lipsticks and they're actually really nice for the price. I've had the odd one not be what I wanted but on the whole they're great, and for £1 you don't really mind it not working out.

    Maxine, xo

    1. i completely agree! more than anything it's just wear time that isn't fantastic, but topping up isn't such a big deal :)