Wednesday, 18 March 2015

superdrug | coconut oil for brow growth

coconut oil: we all know it's a fabulous beauty product, but i've been particularly loving it myself since i realised that i could use it to help grow out my eyebrows. i picked up this tub last summer, and although i'd been using it occasionally on my hair and skin for more intense hydration, i just wasn't all that fussed by it. that was until around a month ago where i had the sudden realisation of "well if it's good for hair growth, why wouldn't it be good for eyebrow growth?" and off i went to rub some oil into my brows for the night.

fast forward a month and i've got to say that i've been super impressed with the difference this miraculous oil has made to my brows. unfortunately i didn't snap a picture of my brows before starting my coconut induced brow-growing journey, but from the picture above you can see that the inner brow hairs have really started to come through lately, and i couldn't be more pleased about it. i've been growing my brows out for over a year now, and while they've mostly come back, my left brow's inner hairs had been pretty sparse in comparison to my right's, however this oil seems to have done the trick and begun to start evening them out. 

i use the oil every evening, massaging it evenly throughout the brows and allowing it to soak in overnight; because of how greasy the oil is, i definitely wouldn't recommend applying it on a morning (unless you have a couple of hours to wait around waiting for it to absorb properly!) i've also started using this more frequently on my hair, and around once a week i apply it to the lengths and ends of my hair and allow it to soak in over night, before washing it out in the morning and it leaving my hair super soft and shiny. i've noticed that since using this on my ends that they don't dry out as much between washes, so it can only be doing my hair favours. 

for £2.29 a tub this product is an absolute bargain that i'd recommend anybody picked up because it makes such a fantastic moisturiser for your hair or skin, and now i've discovered that it also helps with eyebrow growth i absolutely cannot rave about it enough. coconut oil, i love you.


  1. Okay, I am so trying this. My eyebrows have got a little too thin lately.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  2. What a great idea! I'm definitely getting my jar out of the kitchen cupboard this evening—I've been crying over my eyebrows for years (not even joking). I hope it'll work for me too!

  3. I think I'm definitely going to have to try this!!

    Alice |