Saturday, 4 April 2015

saturday scribbles

this week i've been working through my initial self promotion ideas and figuring out what i actually want it to be and say about me as a person and an illustrator. my initial theme was cats v. dogs and the 'archetypes' within both of the species, but i was being too obvious about it and so i thought about how i could link these archetypes with gods from greek mythology, but the further the idea developed the less it linked with my original idea and the more jumbled and confusing it became, which kinda detracted from my idea in the first place and rendered the whole theme a little pointless.

in a panic, i ditched this idea completely and just took to my sketchbook documenting my process and woes in a comic-like fashion, and the more i drew, the more i realised that i'd abandoned a theme and was just drawing, so i became less worried about the project overall and i realised that, actually, there could be some visual potential in linking greek gods and dogs without it having to be too elaborate a project.

so now i'm working with a simple theme of 'if dogs were gods' that i think offers me a chance to create some silly characters that i think will show off what i do visually and characteristically without me having to stress too much about it. i'm also working with a limited colour palette which is new for me so we'll see how the project progresses over the next week...


  1. Glad you found a solution! Love these little comics :)

    1. thanks lauren! i had a lot more fun than i expected putting them together so i might have to do some more as personal ventures in the future as and when i find the inspiration :)