Wednesday, 20 May 2015

lily flame | 'parma violets' scented candle

if you know me, you know parma violets are my thing. the taste, the smell, the colour – i love everything about parma violets and they definitely bring with them a sense of nostalgia for my childhood, so you can probably imagine the excitement the idea of a parma violets scented candle brought me.

the candle has a 35 hour approx. burn time and is recommended to be burnt for 3 hours at a time to avoid wasting any product, so with around 10 uses altogether i've been saving this for the days where i've had the time to just sit around and enjoy it, which over the last few weeks has happened to be my sundays.

i'm definitely a lover of sickly sweet, overpowering scents – if they don't hit you in the face when you enter a room what's the point?! – so this deviates from my typical tastes as it's quite a subtly sweet scent which to me smells almost powdery, but that's probably more to do with my association with the taste of the sweet than the actual smell of the candle. the candle has a definite powerful scent and the smell lingers around once the candle's been blown out, so for me it's definitely worth the £8 price tag and i'll no doubt be buying myself many more of these in the future.

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