Monday, 14 September 2015

Bunny Friendly Beauty Tag

After seeing this tag on Morag's blog I thought it'd make for a nice little post on my own blog as my two year cruelty free cosmetics anniversary is coming up in October – yippee!

1) How long have you been on your cruelty free journey?
As stated above, it's been almost 2 years now as I officially stopped buying cosmetics from brands who test on animals in October 2013.

2) What made you decide to go cruelty free?
A university summer project between first and second year, actually! We were asked to create a piece of design based on anything that took our interest, so I decided to look into the 2013 EU ban on cosmetic animal testing and everything followed from there.

3) What has been the hardest product to find a cruelty free dupe for?
For so long I struggled to find a decent CF dry shampoo (Superdrug's were too drying, and Lush's wasn't quite absorbent enough; awkward, eh?) and it meant a lot of frustration and bad hair days, until I read on Phyrra's blog that Batiste is actually CF and all along I'd never known!

4) What's the best cruelty free dupe you've found?
I only really started getting into makeup properly during the summer before I went cruelty free, so I had never really tried enough products to have 'staples' that would then potentially need replacing after my transition. That said, my transition urged me on to discover ELF which is a fab CF, budget brand that currently makes up a big portion of my makeup bag.

5) What product or brand do you wish was cruelty free?
There aren't really any brands that I desperately wish were CF because there are plenty of CF options that satisfy my needs, but Bourjois and Rimmel are two affordable, quality brands that I used to buy from before my transition, so I suppose it'd be nice to see either of those one day become CF!

6) What's your holy grail cruelty free brand?
For skincare it'd have to be Lush as no other brands have ever had such a positive impact on my skin, and for makeup I really am a fan of Makeup Revolution because it's super duper cheap and the quality of the products for their prices is great!

7) Name one cruelty free brand we might not have heard of?
In all honesty, I'm not all that clued up on a wide variety of brands as I tend to find what works for me/what I can afford and then stick with those brands, but one brand I have bought from before that I don't see much blog coverage about is Pixi. I've only ever had a mascara from Pixi before and was impressed, so perhaps it's a brand for me to look into more in the future!

8) Are you a vegan? If so, for how long and have you had any struggles? If not, why not?
I'm not vegan at the moment, but I've been vegetarian since the New Year and am currently trying out vegan meals and recipes and hope to one day fully transition once I feel comfortable that I can do so properly. At the moment I still live at home and thus don't have complete control over the shopping/family meals that are cooked, but when cooking for myself/the family I make an effort to use only vegan ingredients and would say that I eat fully vegan at least 3 days in every 7 currently.

9) What's your favourite local vegan friendly venue?
Where I live in Barnsley there aren't very many vegan friendly places to eat that I'm aware of (plenty for veggies, though!) but I've heard good things about places in Sheffield that I intend to visit at some point in the future. That said, I've been impressed with Las Iguanas' vegan menu, and also the fact that you can now find notes for vegan option meals on the Wetherspoons menu (a chickpea curry, which I can confirm is delicious.)

10) You have 30 seconds to convert someone to a cruelty free lifestyle - what would you say to them?
Going cruelty free is super easy to do (despite what you may think!) and is super rewarding – no more pangs of guilt after picking up a MAC lipstick and knowing that your money's going to a company who perpetuate the need for cosmetic animal testing! Going CF has opened my eyes to a lot of other moral issues where animals are concerned, and as such has changed how I now consume products, be they cosmetics or food. I feel that my transition has changed my outlook on life vastly, and the changes I've made accordingly have meant that nowadays I feel much happier and healthier in general, both physically and mentally (which can only be a good thing, eh?) So if you're curious, I say go for it! I can't see why you'd ever regret it :)

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