Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tea Rose #colour_collective

#colour_collective kicked off right at the beginning of the year on Twitter right after #illo_advent finished, and in all those months I never participated – not even once! – right up until yesterday, when I joined in for the Tea Rose colour. If you're not aware, #colour_collective is a weekly drawing prompt where illustrators are given a colour to work with, and on Friday evening at 7.30pm GMT everyone posts together and Twitter goes blummin' mental. 

Tea Rose is a lovely colour, and on Thursday the idea of a tea rose coloured Lush bubble bath occurred to me, and it linked in perfectly with Septembear as a 'thing to do to combat the September blues', so I set about illustrating it ready for submission the following day. Upon completion I was far from pleased with the piece – hated it, in fact – but after sitting on it for a day and sucking up my pride, I decided to post and was genuinely blown away by the lovely feedback I received. Moral of the story? Do more, share more, worry less.

I've completed a couple of pieces this week actually that I'm not happy with so they haven't surfaced on my social media accounts, which is frustrating because I want to keep sharing, but when I'm creating a lot but also hating it all, it's hard to find time to create work that I like enough to share, which in turn make it looks like I'm doing nothing, which is definitely not the case! As creatives we all have our moments of doubt and don't always churn out quality work, and lately I've been considering starting something up on my blog where I'd share my 'unsuccessful' illustrations every week, simply to make use of the time I put into them, but also to remind other creatives that "hey, for every good piece of work I put out there, you can bet I created five absolutely shit looking ones!!" But, again, that all depends on whether or not I can suck up my pride and just get on with it. 


  1. This is so so cute, and I'm sure you're your own worst critic!
    Maddy // £100 FeelUnique Voucher Giveaway

    1. Thanks so much! You're probably right, but it's always nice to be pleased with your own work haha!