Tuesday, 13 October 2015

#Colour_Collective Catch Up

With my brief blog hiatus I neglected to post my 2 most recent Colour_Collective pieces, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do so now.

The Friday I flew out to Cyprus saw everybody post their Rose Tyrien illustrations, and I chose to illustrate a wonderfully pink galah cockatoo. I find real pleasure in watching birds go about their daily lives (seagulls and pigeons are my personal favourites!) because they just move and act so sillily, but for some reason it's not very often I find myself actually drawing birds. I really enjoyed using the rose tyrien against the yellow background as I think the two colours complement each other really well.

I missed a week of CC while I was on holiday (Cadium Yellow Pale,) but I caught up again this Friday and joined in with the Russian Violet illustrations. When thinking of the colour, I thought of pairing it with deep oranges, reds and greens and got a really earthy, autumnal vibe from it, and after thinking about how I could bring those colours together I decided to illustrate an autumnal, forest dwelling fairy. As you probably know, humans aren't my strong point so I'm trying to get a little more practice in at the moment!

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