Friday, 4 January 2013

rotten lips & take me home eyes

I'm having to blog from my phone because my Internet is so slow blogger is refusing to let me upload pictures. I never thought it'd come to this, but I'm actually looking forward to going back to uni and using their Internet; pages that sit loading for five+ minutes are just no fun!

so anyway, happy new year to all, and in between seeing family and spending a stupid amount of time looking around meadowhall's sales, I've managed to spare a bit of time to sit down with my sketchbook.

after my Bowie poster went down so well, I've been asked to look at perhaps designing a fratelli's poster. before I decided on Bowie, I'd considered Jon fratelli and decided against it as i thought it had potential to be a bit visually lacking, but I've now been asked to create the poster around the girls that are featured on the Costello music album and the covers of the album's released singles.

here's what I have so far, let's hope I can pull something together with it. if I can, I can see a certain bedroom wall getting awfully crowded some time soon. watch this space!


  1. Just discovered you through a post on ashllyd's blog of an illustration you did for her! You're veryyyy talented these look amazing! xx

    1. thank you very much, it's always lovely to hear that people like my work! :) x