Sunday, 3 February 2013

sunday doings

sundays for me are largely very unproductive; i've gotten into the habit of going to bed around 2/3am and getting up at 11am during my weekends and it leaves me with very little time and very little motivation - working on my sleeping pattern is something i intend to do over the next couple of weeks!

however, this week i was contacted by natalie over at simplyjustnatalie about creating an illustration for her blog, and after my inbox had been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks, i was more than happy to get started on her illustration!

i opted for a slightly more realistic look with this illustration and focused on making it look soft and feminine as i felt that would mean the illustration would fit in well with the rest of natalie's blog, and overall, i'm pretty happy with the outcome!

i've had a couple more messages waiting for me in my inbox this week, so hopefully i'll have some more illustrations to post up on here very soon! the deadline for my digital communication module at uni is past approaching too and i have some posters to start designing (i have become far too good at procrastinating since starting uni,) so hopefully i'll be able to share my university work with you all soon as well! 

also, there are still six cards up for grabs in my valentines cards giveaway!


  1. your illustrations are great! i really love your style, so pretty! x