Monday, 11 February 2013

spirit animals

there's always a lot of talk from the 'bloggers' on tumblr who think they're hilarious about 'spirit animals'; they'll reblog a post of their favourite celeb and a quote from them and comment something along the lines of, "omg -insert name here- is my spirit animal!" and it got me thinking about what a spirit animal is and what my spirit animal(s) could be.

so after a small spot of research, i basically discovered that a spirit animal is an animal that encompasses some of the characteristics that you do as a person. kinda cool, i guess, if you're looking at creating a fursona for yourself (wow, i've just been taken back to 2007 and my subeta days.)

anyway, rambles aside, i decided that i didn't feel as though any one animal could completely be my spirit animal, but there were a few that definitely have some of the characteristics i do. so, i decided on a sloth, mouse and a panda. a sloth because getting myself out of bed on a morning has become a hell of a lot more difficult over these past few months, a mouse because i'm generally a quiet, reserved, shy person (and also because my grandad has nicknamed me mouse), and finally, a panda because the minute i wake up i think about what i can eat for breakfast, and while i'm laid in bed on a night i also think about what will be for breakfast tomorrow.

so, me in a nutshell: i like sleep, food and keeping myself to myself. seems pretty accurate in my own eyes! what would you say your spirit animal is?


  1. Ahh these illustrations are so adorable! I found your blog via the lovely Elle ( - love the illustration you did for her, and love this blog! An instant follow xx

    1. thank you very much, i appreciate it! :) x