Tuesday, 19 February 2013

vw family

everyone who knows me in real life knows that i'm an absolute weirdo about my car. personally, i don't think naming my car and giving her a personality is all that weird, but you know, we're all our own people... anyway, along with my volkswagen lupo and her being my little pea, i've extended the family in that polos are mothers and golfs are fathers, the parents of the lupos (ok it sounds weird now i type it out to myself.)

i'd been debating for a while how i could visually represent this idea of a volkswagen family, and after attempting drawing out cars, i found out that it's hard making a golf look as adorable as a lupo, so i scrapped the idea of using cars and started thinking about others ways to depict it.

i finally landed on the idea of using humans and dressing them up to depict the car models that they were representing, and very simply chose to dress the mother in polo attire, the father in golf attire, and the child in a wolf hat, as lupo means wolf in italian. a simple solution!

lately i've really taken to scanning in textures and illustrating within photoshop, using the textures to add depth to otherwise flat colours, and i've got my latest university project to thank for that as i found out that collaging alone is ridiculously time consuming and (sometimes) stressful, so using technology to push me along really helped to make things a little smoother and gave me a bit more control over exactly it was that i wanted to do.

in other news, i now have three posters completed and an animated banner to make before the end of the week as it's assessment (gulp!) the following thursday and friday... why do i feel as though i'm repeating myself?


  1. You're right, blogger destroyed it! I love this type of image it's awesome! Want one of my little family :) x