Friday, 22 February 2013

recent work: dulcie

with my main project for this term being over and me having gotten my relief out of my system (by going out four times in one week, oops,) i finally got around to sitting down and finishing off a few of the outstanding illustrations i'd promised people a couple of weeks ago.

above is an illustration i did for dulcie over at la-dulcie-vita as a thank you for the post she recently featured on her blog which featured a short interview with me and displayed some of my work. it was so flattering to have dulcie approach me and ask if i'd be happy for her to feature my work, it's really incredible to think that so many people have laid eyes on my work and that a percentage of those people are actually interested enough in my work to approach me about it! so once again, a big thank you to you, dulcie! if you'd like to read said post, you can find it here.

some of you more observant followers may have noticed a slight difference in the texture of this illustration compared to previous ones, and that's because i've finally ran out of watercolour paper and am now working using coloured pencils in a sketchbook that really won't take watercolour (the pages just tear apart, boo); in future i'll know to not buy a sketchbook just because it's cheap! it's been quite refreshing reverting back to using coloured pencils, i find shading to be a lot more enjoyable, however, the whole process just takes so much longer! a punishment for being cheap, i imagine!
what do you think of my pencil illustrations? do you prefer this texture to watercolour?


  1. I find this more detailed than watercolours! But waterolours have their own charisma! :) xo

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. i agree! i'll definitely have to purchase another sketchbook suitable for watercolours soon :) x