Thursday, 7 March 2013

mothers' day preparations

this year mothers' day has managed to creep up on me so i've been left desperately thinking at the last minute of what gift i could get her and have it posted home in time for the day. i considered flowers (but £30 a bunch is just waaay out of my price range,) chocolates (but we've still got a shed load left over from christmas) and bailey's (but she's still got two in the cupboard from christmas), until it hit me that i could send her a personal, unique gift for just the price of a picture frame and postage!

i decided to dig out a photo of me and my mum from when we went down to london for my 18th birthday to watch the lion king in theatre (which was fabulous, by the way) and put my own spin on it. i'm hoping she'll appreciate the gesture, i'd like to think that a few hours of my time and a personal gift beats a box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers that'll die within a couple of weeks, but who knows. i suppose i'll find out on the day when she's received the gift!

as well as the framed illustration, i also designed a personal card for her. the two little piggies are me and my brother and the biggest piggy is my mum, the whole piggies idea spirals from my mum's fondness of piggins, but also because she enjoys calling me her little pig and making the occasional hilarious joke about me eating bacon being cannibalism, etc. etc.

i meant to take photographs of the framed illustration and the printed card, but me being forgetful and in a rush to get things posted on time forgot to do so, d'oh, so i'm hoping the original design/scan will make do!


  1. This is so cute! I'm sure your mum will be over the moon to receive this. Personal gifts are always better.