Thursday, 28 March 2013

my favourite ladies

last week i decided to experiment with pencil and watercolour, and after enjoying the results that i achieved, i decided to have a go at creating a set of images within this style. i chose to use some of my favourite ladies as my models, marina diamandis, ellie goulding, zooey deschanel and emma stone, because i have a soft spot for every one of them but also because they're all beautiful, too, and i've found that drawing beautiful people is, for some reason, very enjoyable.

so, there we have it. a 'project' of mine, if you like. hopefully when uni's done with and i'm not a slave to my coursework i'll be able to set myself some more projects and have fun with them!


  1. Love the style of these, b & w can sometimes look so naff with colour too, but these are great! Also I am so funking envious of ellie gouldings pink hair! x

    1. well that's a relief to hear, thanks so much haha! i have massive hair envy for every single one of these ladies, so beautiful! x