Wednesday, 27 March 2013

the wind in the willows book cover: your opinion?

so since making some minor character adjustments to my book cover, i've come to realise that i'm actually pretty happy with the design overall, meaning i won't be making any further changes to composition/colour/type etc. and just sticking with what i've got (because you can overdo it, right?)

since slightly reillustrating my characters to give them each a little bit more personality by highlighting their general feelings towards toad, i've been told that although the personalities shine through more, the overall vibe that the book gives off is fairly negative because of the expressions of badger and ratty, and may therefore put a reader off.
so, my question for you guys is which book cover do you feel is the most effective? the back page from the top spread will be the one used on whichever front cover i decide to go with, i'm just too lazy right now to create another image for the spread below (sorry!)

it'd be really nice to get some audience feedback on this, because ultimately, it's people like you that i'm targeting while you're walking around a book shop! feel free to comment below or tweet me, i try my best to reply to all comments and tweets that i receive!

thank you!


  1. I love the second one hun, I just prefer that they're all smiling. Some people mightn't understand that they're unhappy because of Toad in the first

  2. I agree the second! xx

    1. thank you both! i'll bear it in mind :) x