Friday, 24 May 2013

a designed reflective report

firstly, please excuse the poor photos! i left my camera in my uni room while i've come home for the weekend so i was left with no choice but to use my iphone!

our final task for first year was to write a 1,000 word reflective report regarding first year, then design it and make it into a book. at first i was horrified; a project that was entirely type! i've never gotten along with fonts, i feel that alongside images they look naff, and due to me considering myself an illustrator, i was going to have to include illustrations somewhere within my report, which left me with no other choice (in my own mind) than to make my report completely hand generated, type and all.

i found within this project that i can use type, i just have to keep it simple; so that's what i did, i kept it as simple as possible. i also wanted my report to reflect me as a designer, so naturally, i had to include all the lovely little critters that i find myself constantly inspired by. i think the overall simplicity and light-hearted nature of the illustrations in my report meant it represented me effectively, so i'd consider it a job well done. i understand that it's not neat or perfect, but i didn't want to just hand in a clean, simple report typed up in helvetica 12pt like other students might, because that's just not me! i wanted to inject some fun into this otherwise boring project, and, most importantly, i wanted viewers to smile when viewing my report (good job, little bunny guy!)

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