Friday, 24 May 2013

first year is over!

work by kerry neesam

work by craig ainsley
work by liam dobbin

 work by maiken garen

some first year book work on display

it was really nice to see a couple of my own projects on display!

 some work by my fabulous friend josh!
 and finally, a cake a classmate made to celebrate the end of the year

when our tutor told us that first year would fly by, he really wasn't kidding! while it doesn't feel like i've been at university for the whole nine months that i have, i definitely feel that i've improved masses since the day i started there! i've had a bit of an up and down journey this year regarding my feelings towards the course, but i can happily say now, at the end of the year, that i think making the decision to come to university was definitely the right decision. i feel that it's helped to push me and given me the motivation i'd otherwise struggled to acquire, helped me meet a wide range of talented individuals, given me the insight of my tutors and will (hopefully) give me the opportunities to make valuable connections with people within industry (fingers crossed!)

this week i attended the third year exhibition and was blown away by the quality of the whole exhibition, from the quality of the work to how the studios were set up. the quality of the work displayed has helped to give me an idea of the level that i'll need to have brought myself up to by the end of year three, and in other places has inspired me to push and better myself as an illustrator; it's nice to know that when i graduate, if i want to, i can refer to myself solely as an illustrator. throughout this year i've realised that graphic design, as a general term, isn't particularly where my interests lie, so having the knowledge that i can make my course what i'd like it to be is comforting.

naturally i was drawn to the illustrative exhibited pieces, but i tried my best to capture some other elements of graphic design to share with you in this blog post. i've credited relevant designers/illustrators under their work so please check out their twitters/websites if you like what you see!

all in all, a good first year. i've worked hard and i've achieved grades that reflect that fact, so hopefully in two years time i should be able to graduate with a good degree. here's to two more years of hard work!

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