Monday, 6 May 2013

zine magazine launch party

a couple of months ago i was followed by zine magazine and decided to check out what they were up to. it turned out they were a couple of ex illustration students who were starting a zine to be distributed around the north east that featured the work of illustrators from all around the country, and after following them and reading that they were looking for submissions to be featured in their first issue, i thought why the hell not and sent off an illustration of my own to them.

the creators of zine had arranged a launch party for the first issue, and after reading that they were holding it in sunderland i took it upon me to gather together a couple of my friends from my course and head a little more up north to see what was happening. while i was there i was over the moon to discover that my illustration had indeed been featured in the first issue! i had a really great time at the launch party, the creators, bex and tom, were so friendly and down to earth and i spoke to them for a good while about the zine, their experiences at uni and what they had planned for the future of zine magazine. it was also nice to speak to other people interested in illustration, i'm surrounded by typographers (shudder) at uni so it was nice to share my excitement for image with other people for once!

this was just a quick post to let you know what's been going on in my life these last couple of weeks as well as just stacks and stacks of university work. i have two deadlines this week and spent today (guiltily) sat in the sun making the most of the nice weather; i'm trying to erase any feelings of guilt though seeing as boro rarely sees nice weather...

hopefully i should be able to start blogging a little more regularly after this week, and once i've finished uni for good this year (yippee!) i have a few ideas for new projects i want to start so will at some point have some new work to share with you all! until then i'll be crying while finishing off my final three modules.

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