Thursday, 9 May 2013

final first year project

so after four hectic weeks of (pretty much) constant working, my final piece has finally been made and presented! i'm really, really pleased with how it turned out and definitely feel it's easily my strongest piece of work from first year.

the project brief was to create a narrative from a source material and create a publication from your newly formed narrative. i chose some poems i wrote as a ten year old about rainforest creatures as my source material, and after piecing together some humorous, nonsensical new narratives i jumped straight into creating an illustrative piece that encapsulated the light-heartedness and innocence that was present within my source material.

my two main themes were day/night and camouflage, with a hidden celebration of all the weird and wonderful creepy crawlies that inhabit the rainforest alongside your typical sloths, snakes and monkeys.

i have another hand-in today and then my final hand-in in two weeks time before attending the end of year exhibition, but then after that i'm free until october! over the summer i plan to get stuck into some new projects that have been floating around in my head recently, so hopefully over the coming months i should have some interesting things to share with you all! thank you to everyone who does follow me, i really appreciate all the lovely comments and tweets i receive!