Thursday, 22 August 2013

"every girl needs a superhero"

it was one of my friends' birthdays at the very end of august, and instead of opting for the 'safe' birthday present option (which last year was a bottle of cherry sourz, typical student essential) this year, i decided to think more in depth about what it was that my friend actually liked, and from there went on to produce this necklace and birthday card.

if it's not already obvious, my friend really, really likes superheroes. i remembered a shirt she wore once that said "every girl needs a superhero" on it, so i used that as my inspiration for the necklace design, which is supposed to capture superman flying through the clouds to save his damsel in distress (or whatever it is you call them these days,) aw. i really liked how all the components sit when worn under a necklace, so hopefully my friend will like it, too!

the card is a pretty simple idea, just a line up of some of her favourite superheroes (minus iron man who wasn't 'man' enough for me to be able to draw him... sorry emily, if you're reading!) wishing her a super birthday... brilliant use of words, i know. big buff men (which is essentially all superheroes are!) aren't really my forte, so i went with what i knew and decided to cute up the superheroes as much as i could while still having them look somewhat... super? either way, i'm pretty pleased with how they all came out, a challenge i was very glad i pursued!