Wednesday, 16 October 2013

e.l.f. haul

last week i found myself trawling the e.l.f. website, and since finding out that their products are 100% cruelty free (verified by and approved by peta, which i thought just had to be legit because, let's face it, peta are crazy at times,) i decided to go ahead and treat myself to a few essentials (and some not so essentials.)

while browsing the website it turned out that i was browsing at a time that meant i qualified for 30% off (hurrah for late night online shopping,) so i kind of went a little bit crazy adding things to my basket, and when the delivery arrived, the full to the brim box helped to reinforce that fact - oops! me and a friend placed an order together which totalled around £42, which after discount was £30 which also meant we were eligible for free shipping. my share of the order totalled £17, which i thought was a complete steal seeing as i'd ordered 10 items.

before placing this order i'd only ever used one e.l.f. product which was the lip exfoliator, however after being really impressed by that i was willing to gamble on the quality of the products when placing this order; also, the items are just so cheap (they start from just £1.50) that it's really not too difficult to convince yourself to buy something just to try it out. so far i've used a couple of the nail polishes - which, oddly enough, smell really nice - and the face mist, however i haven't used them enough to form any sort of opinion on them. i'm sure in good time when the products have been used properly i'll have something to report back!

all in all, from previous e.l.f. product experience, the brilliant prices, sleek, fuss free packaging and the fact that everything's cruelty free, i would definitely recommend having a browse through e.l.f.'s website if you're in need of some new, affordable make up. if you'd like to know any of the product names/colours etc. just drop me a tweet and i'll happily let you know!

have you used any e.l.f products before? how did you find them? i'd love to hear any thoughts!

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  1. ooh! this sounds like such an awesome company, definitely going to look them up! Especially if there prices start at £1.50!!! Do you know if its only online that they stock? And hows the zit zapper? :)