Monday, 14 October 2013

one cannot be unhappy when looking at a sloth

i thought i'd nip by to share with you all a page from my sketchbook from today. someone must've heard my persistent moaning because, at long last, the day/week long project has finally been completed, hurrah! i spent the morning doodling sloths because i found that there wasn't much for me to contribute as a group of people were busy working hard at the main design, however, much to my surprise, the rest of the group were game for including a sloth somewhere in the design, and so the top right image of the sloth taking a dip in a teacup will soon be on its way to berg's office along with the rest of the design that the class has worked so hard on, yay!

sloths are my source of inspiration for the mindless doodles i find myself churning out... actually, they're my source of inspiration for everything, including getting out of bed on a morning. man, i just love sloths. i hope you enjoy the above sloths, and also, the ones below. sloths!

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