Sunday, 13 October 2013

sunday synopsis

a slightly late one today because i've just arrived home from visiting my boyfriend in lancaster for the weekend, which was a well needed break. it's fair to say that the past couple of weeks have totally proved that the first month or so of uni tends to suck a little (or at least it does for me, anyway.) in uni, we were given a one day brief on tuesday this week which unexpectedly took up a lot all of the class' time throughout the week (meaning we then had 0 feedback on a module project and even less time to actually work on it) which pissed people off a little (a lot) and meant that a lot of people just didn't bother attending classes for the week, which sucks. i also got a phonecall on friday from my car insurance provider letting me know that it was time for my renewal but they couldn't find me on their records, and it turned out that since changing my number plate last year i've technically been driving uninsured since then (even though i bought insurance) because the insurance company were never notified of the change, something i've since kicked myself hard about because i really, really shouldn't have been so foolish/forgetful/stupid etc. lesson well learnt there! my weekend in lancaster helped to take my mind off the crappy things that have happened throughout the week and i'm now sat desperately hoping that next week is the week that we start doing some decent work at uni (once this one day/week long brief has been tackled for good.) 

in other news, some good has come out of this week as both the fratellis and panic! at the disco both released new albums. i've only had a couple of listens of 'this is medicine' but it sounds promising, and to tell you the truth, i've played the crap out of 'too weird to live, too rare to die' and i love it, honestly cannot get enough of it and would recommend it to anyone! so happy sunday all, and i hope you've had a substantially better week than i have!


  1. Ah I hope next week is a lot better for you!
    I haven't even listened to the Fratellis or Panic at the discos new albums yet! Now you're reminded me, I'll be listening to them later! I've spent all day with Haim's album on

    1. thanks, lauren! i've never given haim a listen, maybe i'll give them a go later today :)