Saturday, 26 October 2013

moving on

hat: h&m
crop top: new look
jeans: topshop
ring: shop dixi
shoes: charity shop

i'm currently gritting my teeth and just dealing with how wide my hips are in the top two pictures... swiftly moving on! you may have noticed that my hair here is significantly shorter. if you weren't aware, this isn't because i've gone for a massive chop, but because i've taken my extensions out. i've grown tired of them getting knotted, constantly washing and colouring them and generally just having to deal with them on a day to day basis, so i've said to myself that i'm going to make an effort to give them up altogether! i'm expecting it'll be quite difficult for me as i've worn extensions now since i was about 15...

if you're wondering why my hair's failed to grow an adequate amount in almost five years, it's simply because i'm a fiend with hair dye. i always get bored with my hair style/colour and then opt for a new look by either dying it or chopping it, thus either shortening it or damaging it, so growing it is a massive chore. just over a year ago i had a terrible haircut where my layers were cut so terribly short (never again,) and i've just about grown the layers back, meaning my hair now has some body to it. length is a work in progress, but in the mean time, i'm happy that i can use what hair i do have to create a certain amount of volume.

outfit wise, i adore my joni jeans. admittedly, they're not too flattering in photos, but in life they make me feel fab and are so, so comfy. i picked the crop top up on a whim because it was adorable and just £6 in the sale, and the same goes for my shoes. every time i see a pair of shoes in a charity shop that a) i like and b) fit me, i feel compelled to buy them, and these shoes were just so adorably ugly that i couldn't leave them on the shelf!

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