Sunday, 27 October 2013

sunday synopsis

this week has pretty much been a battle between me and after effects/motion graphics. after effects is a tricky program to get your head around, and when you've a limited amount of time to spend on a brief, it's tough trying to invest time into learning how to use the program when there are so many other things you've got on your plate to be doing, too. motion graphics generally don't interest me, and when the option of creating a narrative/characters was strictly forbidden (ok, that sounds a little too dark, perhaps) in the brief, it was hard trying to pull anything out of it that was even somewhat inspiring/exciting for me. we've been asked to all reconsider our pieces for tuesday, so tomorrow i intend to spend my day creating a response that is relevant to me, as an illustrator, and hopefully everything will go to plan and my idea will be easy (enough) to produce! i've realised that all i do is complain about my course, so i've vowed to try my best to stop bitching and moaning about every task that doesn't give me the option to attack the nearest surface with a biro, and just get on with it. i'm not a graphic designer, but while i'm on the course, i can at least give it a good bloody go (even if that does mean littering every project with bunnies or a sloth.) i hope you've all had a lovely week and aren't as down as me about the fact that it's now officially the end of the british summertime *sob*! cue the cold, snow and christmas sloths (watch this space!)

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