Monday, 28 October 2013

my graze deliveries

i've been receiving graze boxes now for five months and i love them because:

a) a good 90% of the treats i've received have been delicious
b) the packaging is lovely and graze in general are a fabulous brand
c) all the delicious food i receive always contains less than 150 calories

each box costs £3.89, contains four snacks, and you have the option to have the boxes delivered weekly, twice weekly or once a fortnight. i've opted for a delivery once a week, and for that reason, monday is by far my favourite day of the week. i've chosen the lightbox option, meaning all my snacks are less than 150 calories, however there are four other boxes to choose from:
1) nibble box: maximum variety, over 100 snacks to choose from
2) breakfast box: 4 breakfasts in a box
3) goody box: snacks for kids with no nasties
4) nutrition box: a plan where you can choose a plan dependent upon your dietary requirements 

there really is something suitable for everyone if you're looking for a way of trying new foods that you may never have thought to try before. since receiving my graze boxes i've realised that pistachios are delicious, but i would've never thought to have picked them up to try beforehand! i'm also really fond of graze's popcorn and their cakes (ones i've previously received include a brownie, carrot cake and lemon cake, yum!) that they send out with a teabag for you to enjoy your yummy snack with.

if you'd like to try a graze box absolutely free of charge, feel free to head to now and enter my friend code ROBYNM44B to receive your first, fifth and tenth boxes for free. if you decide after your first box that you're not interested in receiving any more boxes, there's the option to cancel your plan meaning that you don't have to pay at all to try graze out - fab! this code can only be used four times, so get grabbing your freebies while you can :)

i'd love to hear from you if you decide to subscribe to graze, or even what your favourite snacks are if you're already subscribed!

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