Tuesday, 8 October 2013

my design dna

the first task we received when i returned to university on monday was to put together a 60 second presentation that would inform the rest of the class about what we thought our 'design dna' was. as an illustrator, i naturally got to work frantically scribbling plenty of bunnies and other various fluffy animals because i feel that if you had my dna under a microscope, that's what it'd all be made up of - bunnies! other ideas involved the typical powerpuff girls 'sugar, spice and everything nice' because i don't particularly like dealing with negative topic matter and tend to (perhaps foolishly, who knows) avoid it at all costs.

my presentation featured these two illustrations that i quickly threw together over the space of two days and me rambling over the top of them about how my personal work is typically inspired by nature, how i'm not at home without a pencil in my hand and how i use my work as a form of escapism and find children's books particularly helpful for fleeing away from the toils of day to day life within this big, bad world. i'm unsure of the class' response to it all, but it felt good (although i was so tremendously nervous) to just be honest about why i enjoy doing what i do and what i aim to get out of it, both for myself and others. phew!